Here you'll find answers to the most common questions.


Q.  What is the best way to start the process of getting your help?
A.  Usually, the first thing I need to do is to get some basic information about you and the background of your matter/dispute so that I can determine whether your problem is something I am comfortable handling. Equally as important, I also need to verify that I do not have a conflict of interest. I recommend either calling me (at any of my numbers) or sending me a short email. I will then follow up with a phone call to get the basic background information. Once I have determined that I am able to take on your matter, I usually set up a meeting with the client or sometimes just move forward with more phone calls and/or emails. That largely depends on what the client desires! Some clients want a face-to-face meeting with their new lawyer. Others don’t see the need and are comfortable with emails and telephone calls. Either way, I just need to make sure that you are able to transfer the necessary documents to me so that I can be fully informed and give you the best possible representation.


Q. What is your availability to handle matters in Seattle, given that you are based primarily in Pateros?

As you will see from my website, I have been practicing law in the Seattle area for over twenty years, with the last three-plus years spent from my home base in Pateros. Many of my clients are based in the Puget Sound area and I also maintain a beautiful office in downtown Seattle (located in the Columbia Center ). I am always willing to meet with my clients in my Seattle office and do not charge for travel time back to Seattle. I am also willing to meet with clients in their own offices – just to save them the hassle of driving downtown!


Q. What are your requirements for payment of fees and retainers?
A. With rare exceptions, I work on an hourly basis and only take cases on a contingent fee if it makes sense for both me and the client. My standard billing rate is $285/hour and I keep detailed electronic billing records. My general practice on limited matters is to request an Advance Fee Deposit at the commencement of my representation, which is usually a forecast of what I would reasonably expect to incur in completing the representation. This amount is held in my client trust account and applied to my monthly billings with your approval. If the matter requires additional work, you will be required to supplement the trust balance.  For more complicated and long term matters, I can work with you on a budget and reasonable advance deposit payment that fits the circumstances.


Q. Will I be charged for copies, postage, etc.?
A. No! I consider those expenses part of my cost of doing business and do not charge the client for everyday expenses. Third-party expenses (such as filing fees, messenger and courier fees, court reporter fees, etc.) will either be forwarded to you for payment directly or if I pay them, the amount will be added to your billing statement.